Meet the Staff

We are the Freight Dog virtual Air Cargo staff. We have always had a staff since we starting Freight Dog virtual Air Cargo in December of 2008. As the staff we will make the most scheduled flights not just from Cincinnati, Tampa and Denver but several other cargo airports as well. We are also in charge of approving any flight(s) made. We can also add aircraft if needed. We can add awards to our pilots. We can also add the Tours and Events. We can also try and help manage any issues.

Tim Farrell


Freight Dog Co-Founder in December 2008. Chief Executive Officer. Responsible for all Freight Dog operations and website. Cincinnati Hub Manager, Schedule Management and all other Management.

Jose Suarez


Freight Dog President. Chief Operations Officer. Responsible for operations. Tampa Hub Manager, Schedule Management & all other Management.

Hal Butts


Freight Dog Vice President. Human Resources. Denver Hub Manager, Schedule Management, Fleet Management & pilot report Management.