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Freight Dogs virtual Air Cargo is pleased to announce its newest website. Our new website is compatible to almost all virtual pilots that fly on the IVAO or VATSIM networks. The free Sim Acars is compatible with FS2004, FSX, P3D and X-Plane. FSACARS, FSPassengers and FSFlightkeepers may be compatible as well. Our new website makes it much easier to attract multi-lingual pilots to Freight Dogs.

There are some new challenges as a pilot with our newest website. Aircraft are now subject to flight wear and damages. Pilots also must be careful not to overspeed, stall or crash to avoid penalties to pilot virtual salaries. Freight Dog pilots can fly charter routes (pilots own route) or fly a company route in just about any aircraft they choose.

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Piloci 31
Liczba maszyn 84
Trasy 297
Godziny: 18702.33
Łącznie lotów 454
Loty Regularne 154
Loty charterowe 301
% Lotów Regularnych 33.92 %

 Ostatnie loty

CallsignPilotOdlotPrzylotDataDługość lotu
FDC1601Tim Farrell  PHDH  PHNL 02-24-18 0.23
FDC1601Tim Farrell  PHNL  PHDH 02-24-18 0.22
FDC1670Juan Pablo Toro  PANC  KSEA 02-24-18 6.60
FDC1654Dale Talley  KPDX  KSEA 02-21-18 0.55
FDC1785Steve Martin  KTPA  KLGA 02-19-18 2.22

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10th Year Anniversary01-01-2018
VA Management Experience?02-01-2018


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